A Family Affair: Training and Racing Together

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The Larson Family

Training and Racing Together

Steel Lake, Federal Way.  It’s where it all started.  Molly and Courtney participated over 11 years ago in their first ever Super Sprint Triathlon.  Spectating from the sidelines, I watched as the girls navigated the swim, bike and run course along with hundreds of other women athletes.  I was inspired and amazed!   Less than a year later I jumped in the waters at Carillon Point for my first ever Sprint Triathlon.  Biking was the only phase that I really was active at, so I was a novice at swimming and running.  Coached by my 2 competitive swim daughters, training started with 25 yards down the length of the pool, rest at the wall, then back down the lane.   Running presented the same challenge.

11 years later, the 3 of us are teammates on Team PR Performance along with our new addition to the family, Mat Signoretty, and our most important support staff, wife and Mom - Kelly.  We have raced in all distances of triathlons, duathlons, running and open water swim events that have spanned from Washington, Idaho, Victoria, California and the Alps in Austria.

All of this could not have taken place without the support of our teammates and coaches.  They are our extended family.  Being able to train together and understand what it takes to cross the finish line on race day is vital.  We all have memories of supportive teammates giving “High 5’s” or words of encouragement along the way.  The motivation and support also comes from our coaches.  Each one us, Molly (Coach Kirsten), Courtney (Coach Drew) and I (Coach Daniel) utilize the talent and guidance our individual coaches provide.  

I am so grateful for the time and opportunity to train and race with my daughters.  The journey has been rewarding and we look forward to continued success in building lasting relationships with our friends on Team PR Performance.

Paul, Molly, Courtney, Mat and Kelly