Team Workouts 2019!

I appreciate Rocky Ursino inviting me to train with this awesome group of athletes. The run technique coaching at the track has helped me correct some old bad habits which has helped me be less sore and avoid injury. But most of all, having the knowledge that I will be able to see some smiling faces at a training session is what has motivated me the most over these last few months. Thank you PR Performance.

-Gentry McGrath

Summary of Team Workouts for 2019:

*Team Swim

  • Sundays year round 8:00am at Newport Hills Swim and Tennis Club. Rocky Ursino and Eric Brushaber.

  • Coached swim workouts are included with team membership. No additional pool fee!

  • No need to sign up, just show up!


*Team Long Run Workouts-

  • Sundays 10:00am. post team swim.

  • The start location will vary week to week.

  • These workouts are announced the Saturday prior and may not occur on a regular basis.


Team Indoor ride

Ride with us indoors through the dreary winter months and arrive ready to smash your PR.

Meet teammates for bring-your-own-bike Computrainer sessions at the Build Performance Center training facility in Redmond. 

Seasonal rides only


team Track workouts

It's not about the track workout. It's about how your feel after!

See above for details on time and location.


team swim

Rain or shine, keep your swim game on as we swim in the (heated) outdoor pool at Newport Swim and Tennis club every week. See above for details.