Triathlon Training for Seattle and the Eastside

PR Performance trains, coaches and inspires athletes to achieve their personal best, no matter where they are in the sport of triathlon. With over 30 years of collective coaching experience, we have worked with athletes of every level from Kona qualifiers to total rookies.

Whether you're looking for the incredible camaraderie of a team, the motivation of group workouts, or the personal attention and accountability of one-on-one coaching, you've come to the right place. We will design a triathlon, aquabike, duathlon or running plan that works for you

In just three months Coach Rocky has completely changed my swim stroke which dramatically increased my speed, efficiency, and endurance. I have a new 100 yard PR of 1:18, a 6 second improvement!
— Melinda

2019 membership details

*Any questions please fill out the form below and Rocky will get back to you!

Team membership includes access to everything offered by the team. Some activities are completely free with your membership, and others require an additional fee.

Dues for Calendar Year:

  • October 1st 2019 through September 30th 2020

  • Renewing Members = $244 single / $432 couples / $38 out of state.

  • New Members = $325 single / $575 couples / $50 out of state.

  • Out of State Members: Anytime you are in Seattle, you may join team swim!

  • Join: Through PayPal at or check.


  • Weekly coached run workouts in Bellevue. Coached by Rocky Ursino.

  • Weekly coached swim workouts at Newport Swim and Tennis club in Bellevue. Coached by Eric Brusher and Rocky Ursino.

  • Exclusive discounts on gear, nutrition, races entries and more. This benefit alone pays for the cost of membership!

  • Membership in our private Facebook forum, where you can ask and receive answers to just about any training, gear or multisport-related question.

  • Access to our MEMBERS ONLY Page on our website for access to team sponsors and discounts.

  • Access to 1 on 1 coaching with one of our USAT and/or Ironman certified coaches.

  • Early team entry to specific Ironman and Ironman 70.3 events.

  • Basic Account with Training Peaks.


  • Access to domestic and international training camps led by world-renowned coaches. Destinations vary from year to year.

  • Additional coached indoor training rides at the Build Performance Center in Redmond. The coaching is free with membership, but you will need to purchase a Build PC membership.

  • PR Performance Team kit available for purchase exclusively through our team store. Team Store will open 2x per year, once in January and then in early to mid summer. Our 2020 kit manufacturer is Wyn Republic.

  • PR Performance team swimsuits by Hardcore available for purchase as needed.


















"Let's do this!"

Brenda, PR Performance



  • Join the team even if you are on another team. Some people can't commit, but once you are with us you won't look back.

  • Get the most out of what the team offers

  • Be part of a great community that not only works hard but has a blast! Come to the team with nothing but enthusiasm and support for your team members, whether you are a top age-group athlete or a first-timer.

  • Of course we would love for you to show your pride and support for PR Performance at races, but feel free to wear whatever makes you perform your best!

  • Take your training to the next level with one of our top notch coaches with proven years of success.


  • Be a tool. We haven't the time.

  • Expect less of yourself. The only limits we set are those we set on ourself. There is a Personal Record (PR) in every one of us.

  • Speak ill of others. Whether you are high performance minded or looking for a good outlet from real life, we are all here to achieve our goals!


I'm ready! How do I sign up for the team?

Joining is easy! Simply click to Sign Up and send us your contact information. A PR Performance coach will call or email you to discuss your training goals and answer any questions. Once you decide you are ready, simply complete the waiver form, send payment and you are all set!

It sounds good, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to commit. Can I try it out?

You are welcome to join one of our coached team workouts at no charge to see if it feels like a good fit for you.

How does one-on-one coaching work?

In addition to team membership, many athletes choose to hire one of our coaches to design a personal training plan just for them. This is by far the best investment you can make when you have specific goals and want personalized support to achieve them. If you are curious about one-on-one coaching, please ask! There is no obligation to go this route, and we are happy to answer any questions.

How do I order the team kit?

Team kits go on sale through the team store at designated times. Once you join the team, you will be given password access to the Members Only page on this website, which includes the store link and full details on how to order. We get it, these kits are dope and everyone wants one.

I'm new to triathlon. Is this team too hard-core for me?

Definitely not. Several of our athletes started as rookies. We are all about achieving your personal best, not chasing someone else's goals. Having said that, everyone on this team shows up excited to sweat, work hard and smile. If that's you, join  us!

I've been doing multisport for years. Is this team serious enough for me?

That depends. If you want to train with age group winners, podium standers, Boston qualifiers, and Kona qualifiers, then we are definitely working at your level. But if you have a big attitude about it, then maybe try another option. 

Time to get in some great folks...AND HAVE SOME FUN!

Time to get in some great folks...AND HAVE SOME FUN!