Nutrition is an integral part of any training program, and Team PR Performance offers the services of our registered dietitian nutritionist, Andrea Lopriore.  

Andrea is a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) who specializes in helping people create a sound foundation in whole-food based nutrition that translates into optimal daily health and peak performance. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics from Bastyr University and completed her year-long dietetic internship at Bastyr University.

Over the past five years Andrea has worked as a clinical dietitian, and continues to do so. Prior to that she worked in the fitness industry for five years as a certified personal trainer, a classically trained Pilates instructor, teaching group exercise classes including TRX, yoga and Pilates and taught whole-food based cooking classes.

Andrea has been involved in multisport since 2011 and has raced all triathlon distances from sprints to full ironman, including three full ironman races and four 70.3 races. However, she is most enthusiastic about longer distance events and has recently enjoyed diving into the sport of ultra-running completing her first 100k trail run.

Andrea is passionate about helping people lead healthy, active, and happy lives through whole-food based nutrition and exercise. She knows that nutrition is not one-size-fits all and enjoys working with her clients to help them create a personalized nutrition plan that supports their overall health, but also keeps them fueled to cross the finish line and reach their goals.