Personalized nutrition coaching begins with an initial consultation to review nutrition and diet history, discuss your athletic goals, your training program and review your health history. Together we will establish your nutrition strategies for day to day nutrition, training and race day fueling to help you successfully reach your goals.


Team PR Nutrition Packages

* NEW PR-Coached athletes receive a one-time free 60-minute nutrition assessment as part of their coaching package


Complimentary meet and greet: (15-20 minutes)

We will use this time to get to know each other, discuss your nutrition goals and concerns and decide if we are a good fit and how to move forward with nutritional counseling.


Initial nutrition counseling session: $125.00 (60-75 minutes)

In this session, we will discuss nutrition goals, current nutrition habits, performance goals and health history. Based on your intake we will create a personalized nutrition plan and set actionable goals.


Follow-up nutrition counseling: $95.00 (50 minutes)

Follow-up nutrition counseling session: $48.00 (30 minutes)

In follow-up sessions, we will focus on continued support to provide the most effective strategy to best meet your goals.


3 nutrition counseling sessions: $285.00 (Includes initial assessment and two 50-minute follow-up sessions)

*Follow up sessions to be done via phone, skype or in person

To schedule your nutrition session or to learn more about how optimal nutrition can help you reach your performance goals, please contact Andrea at: